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Thank you for exploring who we are at FurnitureForever!


FurnitureForever is a new business and a new concept for providing quality, long lasting, high value home furnishings to today's homeowner.


A Little Business Background... (Do we all really need another furniture store??)


Two families, long-time friends with some fifty years of management experience in the furniture and service industries, got together in 2010 to discuss the current state of the home furnishings retail world. We saw fewer independent local retailers and more large national and regional corporations. We also saw a small number of internet retailers controlling a large share the online home furnishing market.


Fewer vendors, less product chosen for local market preferences, and very little help from informed sales people. We realized the individual needs of the folks shopping for furniture and accessories were not being met at a high level.


We also saw limited attention being paid to the changing lives and lifestyles of the American's families who live in homes and apartments. More about this in a minute.


So, we travelled to the two largest Home Furnishings trade shows - Las Vegas, Nevada and High Point, North Carolina. We spoke to many manufacturers, importers, retailers, sales representatives, and other professionals in the business. We spoke with old friends and business partners from our previous business endeavors.


Long story short, we received general confirmation that the difficult economy of the past few years had precipitated a shake-out of the retail sector. Many smaller stores had sold-out or closed their doors. Bigger corporations, including "big box" retailers and "discounters" were taking market share. Good for them, not necessarily good for the folks shopping for furniture.


We also learned that the worst days appear to be behind us. New product introductions and sales were starting to grow again. Our home region, the Northeast, has seen numerous smaller home furnishing retailers disappear, replaced by the national chain stores.


Why Explore FurnitureForever?


Given the current environment for furniture shopping (described above), we saw a wonderful opportunity to provide a variety of traditional and modern furniture and home furnishing accessories in a better way.


Better Product Selection - Style, Value, Quality and Service


We work hard to provide a selection of furniture and accessories that is stylish, well-made, affordable and long-lasting. We appreciate that our friends and neighbors often live in less space than our older generations, and live more active lifestyles. Our selections make smart use of space and, often, offer flexibility. Check out our exceptional lines of futons, sofabeds, and "motion" seating sofas and chairs. While we offer access to dozens of manufacturers and thousands of products, we try hard to introduce items that will have long, useful lives and provide significant improvement to the attractiveness and functionality of your living spaces and home. We work with all our visitors and customers to determine what piece or pieces will work best in their home - with their use patterns and family needs. No junk sold here. All our furnishings are designed to last many years.


More Attention to the Individual


When you call us, ask for Bill or John. They will explore your individual needs, use patterns, and style preferences. They will make suggestions and offer guidance for you to explore options - probably some you have not considered. Our focus is on value and service. Anything you buy from us should be a good fit for your living space, your lifestyle, and your longer-term expectations. If you need something really cheap and don't care how it looks or how long it's going to last, you may want to look elsewhere.


Support for the Female Shopper


It has been said that men and women shop differently. (We believe no two shoppers have the same needs and wants.) FurnitureForever, as part of its mission, strives to be sensitive to the product preferences and service expectations of female buyers. See for yourself.


After Sale Support


Through our online support services and our retail store in Portsmouth, New Hampshire FurnitureForever offers our customers robust, comprehensive after sale support at the highest level. This means fast, professional delivery and set-up. It also means planning, design and sales support for longer-term home improvement projects.


Close Outs and Specials


Lots of folks advertise closeouts and big sales. FurnitureForever actually maintains on-going working relationships with manufacturers regarding discontinued styles, overstocks, and other opportunities that allow first quality product to be sold well below normal retail prices. This is a businesslike, methodical approach to offering one-time or short term product opportunities to our customers. Another reason to check-in with FurnitureForever from time-to-time.


It's All About the Furniture


Ultimately, it's all about the furniture. Please visit our showroom in Portsmouth. Please explore our website as it grows. There's something new happening every month so we hope you will check in every couple of weeks. We appreciate that there are many places to buy home furnishings. We hope that you will include FurnitureForever in your hunt. Our furniture is made to last, to be no bigger or smaller than it has to be, to be attractive and low maintenance, and to be affordable.


A Word about Sleeping


We've all heard we spend over a third of our lives lying down. FurnitureForever works hard to offer a wide variety of high quality sleep furniture with strong frames and superb mattresses and cushions. Convertible sofas, futon sofas, platform beds, motion chairs and sofas, youth beds, traditional beds, click-clack sofabeds, and traditional mattresses and box springs are part of this mix. We are particularly proud of our line of Gold Bond furniture, futons and mattresses. Gold Bond manufactures in Hartford, Connecticut and ownership has remained in the same family since the late 19th century. Good people. Amazing mattresses and furniture. (You won't find Gold Bond at Sleepy's). FurnitureForever's owners can sleep on any mattress they choose. They choose Gold Bond. Excellent quality. Excellent comfort. Long-term warrantees. Excellent price points. Handmade in Connecticut.


Our Benchmarks


We are small (compared to the big chains) and expect to stay that way. Every customer counts. Small is good.


We rely on happy customers and repeat business, not one-time sales to walk-ins at high-volume big box mall locations.


We won't sell anything we would not put in our families' homes.


We stand behind what we sell. You will be working with real live people with extensive experience in the furniture industry. You will not be working with "trained" call center sales people. Stop in, or call, and say hi. We love to answer questions.


If there is a problem, the owners will be working with you to resolve it. We've heard the saying, "..a happy customers tells a few friends, an unhappy customers tell everyone.." Your happiness is our survival!


The Bottom Line


We are new. We are working hard to supplement retailers much larger than us. We are trying to make the furniture shopping challenge pleasant and positive. You will be surprised at how far your dollar will go, how good your place looks with your new furnishing, and how energetic we are to earn your trust and repeat business.


Value, style, affordability, personal attention, low-pressure sales, an always-changing product selection.



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